Your time is precious…use it wisely!


Spend your time wisely! Once its lost its gone!

Sometimes we go into this “zone”¬† and tell ourselves that we just don’t have enough to get to everything. It is at that exact moment¬†that you should stop and take a few deep breaths and chill a minute!! Trust me, the next 10 min will not break the camel’s back. It might just save you hours.

Here’s a few key points I learned over time

  1. Always be on time! In fact, be 10min early. It will show that you are professional and trustworthy
  2. Should you be running late, let the other party know beforehand that you are running late. Don’t call 5 min before the time! Its unprofessional and sloppy!
  3. If you don’t have time to do it right the first time, you will not have time for a do-over!
  4. Don’t waste time! Especially other peoples time!
  5. Managing your time and having balance is key.
  6. Plan your family time in your calendar.
  7. Time waits for now one!

I am sure there’s more to add, but these has kept me going thus far.

Well, that that for now. Feel free to leave comments…


Back to the serious stuff…Project X


Right, so let’s move on to the more serious stuff…

As a young (and I don’t just mean in age) entrepreneur, the daily struggles of trying to get “Project X” of the ground, is probably a struggle that all entrepreneurs endure. Although it doesn’t always feel that way. I mean, really?? Does Ellon Musk get up in the morning and ask himself:” How in God’s earth am I going to get around this problem??”. Lets not kid ourselves… I think he gets up in the morning after realizing that he shat in his pants dreaming about his “Project X”. He also hits the wall running sometimes! And I think his problems are¬†sometimes bigger stumble blocks¬†than we think.

You see, I¬†think it doesn’t matters how old you are, or how much money you have for back up, we all go through similar worries, stumble blocks and ass whippings when chasing a dream. Whether we are a small business owner, inventor of the next Face book or the owner of Microsoft, the struggles are real. The big boys also¬†goes through ass whippings! From ass licking to ass kicking doesn’t happen over night! And it ain’t easy!

Still in the ass licking stage myself, the only thing I can sometimes do is look at those guys and say:” Dude, you can do it! You have to! You don’t have a choice! If a they can do it, you can do it! Stop being a wuss!”

If it were easy, everyone would have done it! And that is what separates the “ENTREPRENEURS” from the “entrepreneurs” …if you catch my drift!

…to be continued…

“Life is like a fart, don’t force it…”

So I was watching the program on television and this guy made this statement that “Love is like a fart, you mustn’t force it”… and it got me thinking.

Isn’t life the same??!! Life is gonna happen, whether we sometimes like it or not. But DON’T force it! You might just end up shitting in your pants!

We tend to forget this small detail about life. Its been going on for millions of years without me and you actually being there. So why should I try to force things to fit me??!! I mean, just try to be open to new things or suggestions or just be open to life in general!

Dont force life! Its not always a good idea!!


A Black sheep’s wool will also keep you warm…

Definitely words that stuck in my head. So many of us go through life labeling ourselves as “black sheep”. Either the “odd one” in the family or between friends. Not telling everybody how you feel and the battles that you fight everyday…

Today I want to assure you…a black sheep’s wool will also keep you warm!

No matter what you have failed in life with, no matter where you come from and what you have….YOU ARE STILL AWSOME!! Everybody on this earth has a purpose! The fact that you are reading this post shows me that you are not a quitter! You get up in the morning because you don’t quit! Even if you are the black sheep of the family! 

Our purpose in life is our wool. You also never know when you will feel cold and be in need of comfort. Maybe the only comfort at the moment is from a “black sheep”…..

You might just get the warmth that you crave for…..

#roadofsteel #willieviljoen #figuringItoutAsIgoAlong

Okay, so the day finally arrived…I have had this idea in my head for a while now. What about starting my own blog. LMAO!! Like I said, I have had this idea for a long time…

There is¬†this little voice in my head going ballistic like¬†its on crack or something¬†…”Do you even know how to write a blog? You can’t even write a note in a birthday card for a 4 year old?!! What do you even know about grammar and paragraphs and story-line? Let alone spelling!!

Well, here I am and I am willing to figuring it out as I go along.¬†Today I decided to take the plunge and start telling my story. A normal story without any fancy grammar, punctuation and bullsh$t. As it happens and in my own words….

So today I give birth to #roadsofsteel (don’t really know how it really works and if I can say that, but what the heck!!) Why #roadsofsteel you might ask? Well, accept that it sounds awesome, a big part of my story plays out in the steel industry. It is also the road I am walking at the moment.

My aim is to tell the story of a lot of “firsts” in my life. Almost like my own #FindingMyVirginity¬†, only losing mine…if it makes any sense.

So here goes one of my first attempts at one of my first “FIRSTS”…

talk soon…