May the 4th, be with you…

I have been very quiet the last while. Well, at least on the blogging part. But for good reason. I had to work through a few things in my life, one of which was to finish the first part of #roadofsteel.

Today marks a the closure of one chapter, but the beginning of a new one. My journey so far has been incredible. Full of love, hate and misunderstandings. The moment you think that things are getting together, they seem to fall apart! Or, st least so it seems most of the time. But still, life is absolutely worth living, and I urge everybody out there, to take the plunge. Get to know yourself better and find your true purpose!  I sincerely hope that by sharing my story with the world, there might be a change that it could give someone hope and the faith we need to proceed.

After all, sometimes all we need is faith!

So, herewith I present to you:

#roadofsteel – Finally the first chapter

You can view it here

Your feedback is more than welcome.

God bless!



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...figuring things out as I go along.... This is my story...this is my #roadsofsteel

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