#roadofsteel~Finally the first chapter (Sneak Preview)

So it seems the time has finally arrived for me to put myself out there in the big world. I have never been so sh@t scared in my life! My mind is in constant battle between the one half that says “Lets do this!” and the other half that goes in hiding without even saying a word. So I have decided that before I do anything more, I am going to give the world a “sneak peak”. Just for in case you know..the world don’t like it or something..? Just keeping my risk limited…

So without any further wait, here is a snippet..:

#roadofsteel – Finally the first chapter…

I don’t know where the words will come from,
I don’t know what to expect, but this is what I know….
This is my story…a story of hate, love and hope..this is my #roadofsteel.

A lot has happened to me in the last few decades… years… months… days… But it is only lately that things started making sense to me in a way that’s difficult to explain in words, but I will try my best…
Where to start..? I feel I have so much to share, yet can’t seem to find the words. A feeling that’s familiar in so many ways, yet a surprise every time..what is our #purpose? There is so many questions that pop in my head at every moment in time… What defines us? Well that is the question I think most of us are wondering around with… personally I think we are defined by the representation of ourselves to the world…. They say that first impressions lasts. But in the same breath they say, never judge a book by its cover.. Which one is it now? I wonder…

A child once asked his father what the value of a stone was. His dad gave him a stone and said to go to town with it. When someone asks you the value of the stone, you just raise you hand and show 2 fingers. Don’t say a word. So the son did so and quickly came across a lady that was very interested in the stone. She asked the price and the boy raised 2 fingers without saying a word. She immediately replied: “Only 2 bucks? I want to put the stone in my garden; I will pay you 2 bucks with no problem”. The boy ran back to his father and told him what happened. His dad then replied: “Go to the museum and do the same”. So he went…

The owner of the museum was over the moon about the stone and quickly asked what the price was. Once again the boy just raised 2 fingers without saying a word. “200 bucks? No problem”. the man replied. So the boy ran to his father and told him the news. He was ecstatic of joy. But his dad told him to take the stone to the jeweller and do the same. So the boy went…

The jeweller gave the stone just one look and asked how much? The boy raised 2 fingers. “200 thousand??” The man shouted. I will pay you that with a smile! This is a very rare stone!” he shouted joyfully.

The boy ran home as fast as the wind to share the news with his father. His father smiled at him when uttering these words: SON, YOU SEE, THE VALUE OF THE STONE IS THE SAME AS YOUR VALUE TO THE WORLD. It depend whom is interested in the stone and what use they have for it. Always surround yourself with people that appreciate the rare and precious stone that you are! A 2 buck stone to one person is a 200k stone to someone else!

Since I was little, I always had this “feeling” inside me that I had more to offer to the world. That I was different. But the more I tried to fit in and find out what it was I was looking for, the more I got pushed aside as the “non-fit”. I always knew I was differently wired in my head than others. I needed someone to acknowledge it, but instead it was just brushed off as being a kid..but I knew, I was different. I had a superpower! I could DO things…things that no one knew I could do. And that was awesome! I was in a world where no one really cared what I did, as long as I did what they want! Believe me, it had its perks. But also its “not-so-nice-times”. Sometimes people can be really ugly. And thats not from the outside… From the outside they are all gloom and glory, meanwhile back at the ranch, they are upto some really scary sh@t. I should know, I used to be simular. I aslo used to fix problems for some of those peoples. But thats a story for another day…Lets continue…

I recently (recently at the time of writing this) had the priveledge of enjoying the chance in life to loose everything that I worked for. I am not gonna go into the details, but it was really NOT something I would want to re-live. My family took a serious knock. Not just physically, but emotionaly as well. But as it turns out the moment you think you hit rock-bottom, the universe surprises you… with a “hidden” level in your “game-of-life”. Yeah, that’s correct. There is a level beneath rock-bottom. So, you hit that level where you think that not even God can help you. And you can not take anymore of this bullsh@t. You are quitting! Then He surprises you! “Here dude, Here is another rock-bottom for you!”. And you hit an even lower point in your life… And so I pretty much hit all the “rock-bottoms” you can think off. Trust me, if you can dream it up, that sh@t hit me. Pushed me even further from my purpose.

For many years of my life, I never had found what my real purpose was in life. Why was I here? What was my mission in Life?

Well, this is the end of the snippet. Any comments and feedback would be really appreciated. Good or bad. I can take the truth, so you are welcome to be honest.

Wish everyone a joyful day!


#roadofsteel #figuringItoutAsIgoAlong

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...figuring things out as I go along.... This is my story...this is my #roadsofsteel

6 thoughts on “#roadofsteel~Finally the first chapter (Sneak Preview)”

    1. Wow! Thanks Ella! Your feedback is most welcome!
      I am almost finished with the first book….but the struggle with confidence is a big stumble block…but feedback like yours gives me hope and courage to put myself out there and share my thoughts and experiences. It has been a tough but yet incredibly life changing journey the last year…
      I will definately send you an electronic copy of my first book! Free…(although I don’t really think people will pay anyway…😌😂)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ll keep an eye out on your blog! Absolutely it can be hard to have that courage to put it out to the world- but it’s so crucial!! You got this shit;)


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